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Below is our Metroid Energy Tank guide for the original Metroid on NES. The guide is organized by location, and will take you through how to get all Energy Tanks in Metroid.

Brinstar Energy Tank Locations

Brinstar Energy Tank #1

The first is located a few hallways to the right of where you begin the game. When you reach the part where you need to use your morph ball to pass further to the right, you can shoot out a bit of the ceiling and jump up with the Hi Jump Boots to grab it.

Brinstar Energy Tank #2

Go to the bottom of the passage where you get the Varia suit, and head right. After a few screens, you will reach what seems like a dead end. Bomb up and go through a secret passage on the right, the energy tank awaits you on the other side.

Brinstar Energy Tank #3

When you reach the first vertical blue passage, go up until you reach a door on the right. Take it, and continue straight across the next vertical passage. Keep heading right, not taking any of the passages that lead downward. Soon enough, you will reach the energy tank on a floating pedestal above the lava.

Kraid's Hideout Energy Tank Locations

Kraid's Hideout Energy Tank #1

In the starting shaft, head down until you get to the second red door on the right, and head in. Continue along until you get to a wall. Shoot the wall, then perform a bomb jump into the hole you just created. Continue on, bombing blocks that get in your way, until you emerge into another room. In here is an energy tank.

Kraid's Hideout Energy Tank #2

After you defeat Kraid, there is an energy tank hidden in the lower right wall. You will need the Hi Jump Boots to get out, so beware of that.

Norfair Energy Tank Locations

Norfair Energy Tank #1

In the second half of Norfair, get to the dead end where the lava is below the floor. Roll up into a ball and lay a bomb right up against the door. You can now go through the lava below, it won't hurt you. Head to the right, shoot the block in front of you, and fall through. Go through the door on the left. In here, go across the platform, shoot the block wall in front of you, and use morph ball/bombs to get through. You will then see some vertical pipes, one is the home of an energy tank.

Ridley's Hideout Energy Tank Locations

Ridley's Hideout Energy Tank #1

Go left from the beginning until you get to a room with white blocks. Bomb through the floor, and keep going left. Once you get through the red door at the end of the long hallway, you will notice that there is nearly no way you can get through that little opening at the top of the column blocking it. If you go back and bomb along the floor for a bit, however, you will find a way under the path so you can make it through the red door. Once you get through, you will see the energy tank across the hall. DO NOT just run towards, it, you will fall through a two block wide gap in the floor. The pit is 8 blocks from the door you came in, so run 7 more, and make the jump to grab the energy tank.

Ridley's Hideout Energy Tank #2

After you defeat Ridley, take the purple door on the left by shooting ten missiles at it and walk along the lava in the next corridor until you come across the energy tank. Be careful, there is one spot in the lava where you cannot walk.

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