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In Metroid for the NES, there are two bosses that can be done whenever the player is ready, as well as a third and final boss that ends the game. These bosses hit hard, so make sure to have plenty of energy and missiles going into the fight. Below is a Metroid Bosses Guide that will guide you through beating all bosses in Metroid.

How to Beat Kraid in Metroid

Where to Find Kraid

Metroid NES Kraid's Lair Location Metroid NES Kraid's Lair Metroid NES Kraid Location

Kraid is found at the bottom of Kraid's Lair, which can be found to the right, and then down, from the starting area. As you enter Kraid's lair, go down until you reach the third red door from the top. This door can be jumped to using the Hi-Jump Boots from a ledge below it, and without sequence-breaking this power-up is required to get to him. Proceed right, and then fall all the way down the shaft. Then, keeping heading left to reach Kraid.

How to Defeat Kraid

Metroid NES Kraid Fight with Bombs Metroid NES Kraid Fight Metroid NES Kraid

Bomb Strategy

Upon entering the room, immediately drop down to the arena. Enter your morph ball and start dropping bombs on top of Kraid in intervals of about half a second. This should grant you temporary invinvibility, which will cancel out Kraid's damage. This is the simplest, and probably most effective, means of attacking this boss fight.

Ice Beam Strategy

Alternatively, his projectiles can be frozen in place. This allows you to line up a clear shot whilst not worrying about his projectiles. However, this strategy is risky and, done wrong, can result in more damage than any other strategy.

Check out our Upgrades Guide for help in acquiring the ice beam!

Wave Beam Strategy

If you have the wave beam and varia suit, one can theoretically drop down into the lava on the right side and use the wave beam to repeatedly shoot at him through the wall. This strategy is fairly safe, but does essentially require the varia suit.

Rewards for Beating Kraid

The rewards for beating Kraid are the same as Ridley in Metroid: 75 missile increase and the ability to, if the other boss is defeated, attempt Mother Brain.

How to Beat Ridley in Metroid

Where to Find Ridley

Metroid NES Ridley's Lair Metroid NES Ridley Location Metroid NES Where to Fight Ridley

Ridley is found near the bottom of Ridley's Lair, which is itself an off-shoot of Norfair. This is by far the hardest boss to reach logistically, so take the journey slow and carefully. Once one reaches Ridley's lair, go to the right and keep going until you reach the vertical shaft. Unlike Kraid, one should not go all the way down to attempt Ridley. Instead, go to the third door down, second door from the bottom. Then, keep going left until you reach him.

How to Defeat Ridley

Metroid NES Ridley Fight Metroid NES Ridley Jump Metroid NES Ridley

The strategy here is much easier than that of Kraid. Ridley has two potential attack patterns. He will either shoot close or far. If he shoots close, then stand back and hit him with missiles from the safety of the back ledge. If he shoots far, then stand directly next to him and he will be completely unable to hit you.

Rewards for Beating Ridley

The rewards for beating Ridley are the same as Kraid in Metroid: 75 missile increase and the ability to, if the other boss is defeated, attempt Mother Brain.

How to Beat Mother Brain in Metroid

Where to Find Mother Brain

Metroid NES Tourian Location Metroid NES Mother Brain Location

Mother Brain is the final boss of Metroid, and as such is found after beating the other two bosses in its own area: Tourian. Tourian is a linear level, and can be found going right from the starting area until you reach the top of the shaft. Then, take the left door and continue until you reach the statues that are broken if both bosses are defeated. Descend down the elevator into Tourian.

There is only one enemy type in Tourian: Metroids who are only vulnerable to the ice beam + missiles. Be careful not to be overwhelmed by them. They do a lot of damage, and can disable attacks other than bombs. So, take it slow and carefully.

How to Defeat Mother Brain

Metroid NES Mother Brain Metroid NES Mother Brain Fight Metroid NES Mother Brain Attacks

This is the final test of Metroid, so be sure to enter Tourian with full health and as many missile packs and energy tanks as possible. Mother Brain is actually completely stationary, and is found at the far left of its arena. There are several places you shouldn't stand, such as the area directly next to it, as well as the area on the glowing blue platform directly opposite the boss. Both of these places make you vulnerable.

The best place to stand is on the ledge below the glowing blue platform, where you can jump and send missiles up and left. Missiles do stop projectiles, so use that to your advantage. Otherwise, pay attention to dodging and try to stay as healthy as possible while dealing damage whenever possible.

Rewards for Beating Mother Brain

After a challenging escape sequence, you get the satisfaction of beating Metroid for the NES! Congratulations!

Thank you for using our Metroid Bosses guide!

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