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Splatoon 2: What You Need To Know

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Splatoon’s sequel, Splatoon 2, is arriving in stores tomorrow! It has already been a little over two years since the original game release for Wii U, and now those who missed out on the game can get it on Nintendo Switch. However, you may not be entirely sure about getting this game, whether you played the original game or not. Well fear not, because we’re here to help you, to tell you all you need to know and more about Splatoon 2 for the Switch.

Singleplayer: There will once again be a singleplayer campaign, this time focusing on the disappearance of a Squid Sister. It seems as though Callie of the Squid Sisters disappeared after losing the final Splatfest in the original game, and Marie is set out to find her! This time, there will be many new obstacles, enemies, and bosses to encounter.

Multiplayer: Many, if not, most of the modes from Splatoon will be returning! This includes Turf War, as well as the three Ranked Battle modes being Rainmaker, Tower Control, and Splat Zones. While Splat Zones is seemingly the same mode, the Rainmaker will release a different wave of ink instead of a tornado, this time being more of a burst shot. Tower Control will now be adding new checkpoints to pass through before making it to the other side, giving off a more hectic battle for both teams. You will also now be able to voice chat with other players on your team using the Nintendo Switch Online app on your phone.

Salmon Run: This is a new multiplayer mode that will put you and up to 3 other players battle against ‘Salmonids’ who are trying to protect their Golden Eggs before you collect them. There will be different environment changes such as rising water, fog, and night to impact the gameplay. While it may be a bit challenging, there will be great rewards to get afterwards, some of which only being exclusive to this!

Splatfests: Who thought they would get rid of this? Returning from the original Splatoon is Splatfests, where you will pick a side (Like in the recent Splatfest World Premiere: ‘Cake vs. Ice Cream') and fight to help your team be the ultimate victor! While the Squid Sisters will no longer be performing for these, the new group, ‘Off The Hook’ will be performing for Splatfests featuring Pearl and Marina.

Shops: The same shops are back including Headspace with Flow (Headgear), Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe with Jelfonzo (Clothing), Shella Fresh with Bisk (Shoes), and Ammo Knights with Sheldon returning (Weapons). Crusty Sean is also back, now serving food to give you stat boosts to help you in battle.

amiibo: Using amiibo this time, you can save a loadout so you can just bring your amiibo with you to a friend’s house (or wherever you are meeting up for that matter) so you don’t need to worry about finding your weapon and gear again. You will be able to save your preferred gear, weapons, and settings to your amiibo. All previous Splatoon amiibo will still be compatible. In addition to those, there will be three more Splatoon amiibo releasing, being new variations of the Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, and Squid amiibo.

So what do you say, you ready to become fresh again? Be sure to pick up Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Switch when it launches tomorrow, July 21, at a price of $59.99. You can find even more information on the official Splatoon website here.

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