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Splatoon Gets a 3.0 Update and Paid DLC this Summer

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Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion

A new single-player campaign DLC is coming to Splatoon 2 on Switch. It's titled Octo Expansion and introduces over 80 single-player missions to the game. You'll play as Agent 8, an Octoling with amnesia. After completing the new campaign, Octolings will be playable in online multi-player. The DLC is coming this summer and will be available on the eShop for $19.99.

In addition to the paid DLC, which if pre-ordered unlocks some new gear immediately, a 3.0 update is in the works. It'll introduce over 100 pieces of gear and new multi-player stages. The three new stages are Camp Triggerfish and Piranha Pit from the original Splatoon and a new stage called Wahoo World.

The Splatoon 2 3.0 update will also add an additional rank to competitive play: "Rank X". It will of course reside above S+ in the tiered ranking system. The 3.0 update is coming this April. Check out the Nintendo Direct excerpt below for full details.

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