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Super Mario 3D World Stamp Locations

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Our Super Mario 3D World Stamp guide will help you find every hidden stamp available in the game. It can be used for both the Wii U and Switch verions of the game. Stamps can be used to customize messages you post on Miiverse (no long in service). Choose a world below for Super Mario 3D World Stamp Locations.

Super Mario 3D World Stamps

World 1 Stamps

World 2 Stamps

World 3 Stamps

World 4 Stamps

World 5 Stamps

World 6 Stamps

World Castle Stamps

World Bowser Stamps

Bonus World Stamps

The bonus world guides are under construction and currently incomplete. Please check back when the Switch version of the game launches for complete guides.

Note: There are no stamps to be found in World Mushroom or World Flower.

World Star Stamps

World Crown Stamps

Thanks for using our Mario 3D World Stamps guide!

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