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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Receives Extended Gameplay Direct

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Super Mario Bros Wonder

The recently revealed Super Mario Bros. Wonder received a lengthy extended direct gameplay showcase yesterday, August 31st. This new mainline Mario side scrolling title will follow Mario and his friends through the new Flower Kingdom as they attempt to stop Bowser’s takeover of this idyllic land.

Super Mario Bros Wonder Nintendo Direct

This region and its unique artstyle features talking flowers, copycatting enemies and a host of new features. Players can play as Mario, Luigi, two toads, Daisy, Peach, or Toadette, in addition to two choices for beginner players: Yoshi and Nabbit, who don’t take damage from enemies.

Super Mario Wonder Side Scroll Direct

Super Mario Bros Wonder Footage

Look below for the full direct, and make sure to pick up Super Mario Bros. Wonder on October 20th of this year.

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