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Super Mario Odyssey: What You Need To Know

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In just one week, Super Mario Odyssey will finally be releasing on the Nintendo Switch. Originally featured as a brand-new 3D Mario game in the Nintendo Switch Preview Trailer on October 20, 2016 (One year ago today!), the game was officially unveiled during the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 this past January, as well as given a main focus of Nintendo’s E3 show this past June. Whether you’ve already preordered the game or are still unsure, why not take a peek at what this game has to offer?

Story: Peach is finally getting her royal wedding… with Bowser?! Mario will have a new partner, named Cappy. His sister, Tiara, was captured by Bowser, and Mario has to save her as well. The different locations will be places where Bowser is getting his preparations for the royal wedding, that Mario must stop at all costs!

Locations: This time around, Mario will be traveling via the Odyssey, a ship shaped like his own cap. There will be many kingdoms and locations to visit and explore, including:

  • Metro Kingdom (New Donk City)
  • Sand Kingdom (Tostarena)
  • Wooded Kingdom (Steam Gardens)
  • Luncheon Kingdom (Mount Volbono)
  • Cascade Kingdom (Fossil Falls)
  • Cap Kingdom (Bonneton)
  • Snow Kingdom (Shiveria)
  • Seaside Kingdom (Bubblaine)

Multiplayer: The game will contain multiplayer in the form of co-op, where Player 1 will control Mario, and Player 2 will control Cappy. A demonstration of this was shown of at E3 2017.

Music: While you are currently able to listen to the music of several areas in the game there is a big change in this game. For the first time ever in a Mario game, there is a song with vocals in it. Yes, ‘Jump Up, Super Star!’ was one of the main attention grabbers in the E3 trailer. As of just recently, the song is available on iTunes for just $1.29!

amiibo: Yes, this game will be getting it’s own line of amiibo as well. Based off of the story of this game, it the three amiibo will feature Mario, Peach, and Bowser in their respective wedding outfits. The Mario amiibo will give you temporary invincibility, the Peach amiibo will give you a life-up heart, and the Bowser amiibo will reveal regional coin locations to you. These amiibo will all give you the wedding outfit for that character too, but the costumes can be found in-game without the amiibo as well.

Hopefully this will all be enough to convince you about the game. If you do plan on getting the game, you can get yourself a cool Cappy hat from GameStop for just $19.99, and if you preorder the game from Best Buy, you can get yourself a collectible Super Mario Odyssey coin, just like the Breath of the Wild and Smash Bros. 3D/Wii U coins. Are you ready? The game is almost here, just one more week to go! The game launches on Nintendo Switch on October 27 for $59.99. Check out the official Super Mario Odyssey site for more details on the game.

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