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Super Mario Party will be the next installment in the Mario Party franchise, coming to Switch later this year. The official release date is October 5, 2018. The game was one of the few first party titles revealed during Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation, where a brief trailer (below) was shown. Super Mario Party goes back to the series' roots and features a variety of boards jam-packed with 4-player mini-games.

A more classic approach to Mario Party gameplay has many long time fans excited. Recent entries in the series have strayed a little from the classic board-oriented dynamic that the party game series was known for. It seems that Nintendo has acknowledged this and is even giving the game a classic-style name. This will be the first Mario Party game to release on home consoles to not be numbered in its nomenclature.

Joy-cons appear to be the only controller compatible with the new game. While it makes sense to have single joy-con play be the primary option, as the game is the definition of local multiplayer, it does mean that us pro-controller users are kind of out of luck. You're going to need to fork out for an additional pair of (very pricy) joy-cons if you're trying to play four player on one switch.

During the tree house live presentation, we got around an hour of gameplay footage that make the game look promising. You can check those videos out below if you'd like. Stay tuned for more Super Mario Party coverage as we approach the October release.

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