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Animal Crossing New Horizons Getting Abel Sister's Shop - ACNH Abel Sisters Guide

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Able Sisters

Like many other Animal Crossing games, Animal Crossing New Horizons marks the return of a tailor shop called the Able Sisters. It's run by a duo of hedgehog sisters named Mabel and Sable. There's also a third sister called Label who will visit your island every once in a while. She presents special fashion challenges to obtain higher-end items.

Unlocking Able Sisters Shop

ACNH Able Sisters StallACNH Able Sisters Store

There are a few steps you need to follow before you can get the Able Sister's Shop on your island:

  • Have Nook's Cranny built on your island. This can be accomplished in your first week on the island, check out our Nook's Cranny guide for help. After doing so, you'll find Mabel in the shop discussing her desire to sell her wares on your island.
  • Mabel will now begin to set up a stand on your island plaza where she will sell a small selection of goods. Her appearance here is random, it can happen every day or once every few days. Simply buy as many items from her as possible.
  • After enough visits and spending enough hard-earned bells, Mabel will eventually decide to set up shop for good on your island. The exact metric that triggers this is unknown, it's likely there is an element of RNG involved. However, observation suggests this will happen at around 5,000 bells spent, five items purchased, and three visits to your island.
  • Mabel will leave you the opportunity to decide where her shop will be. Just like with other buildings, you'll be able to pick a spot for the building. It has dimensions of 5x4 tiles. Construction will take two days and begin the next day.

Able Sisters Shop

Able Sisters Shop ACNHAnimal Crossing New Horizons Able Sisters Shop

Once, the shop opens, you'll find a variety of wares and options. There is a daily rotating selection of clothing items including shirts, pants, socks, shoes, hats, and masks. If you use the changing room to the right, you can also purchase many color and pattern variations of these same items. The two mannequins on the left present a full outfit that offers some fashion guidance.

In the back of the shop, you'll find a number of items hanging on the wall. These are meant to showcase custom patterns, and as such, you can change them with your own designs at any time. People visiting your island can then find something they like and use it as their own. Finally, there is the Custom Designs Portal that lets you use the internet to search for designs from players around the world using design codes. This feature requires a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Befriending Sable

When you first speak with Sable, she'll come across as annoyed that you are distracting her from her work. Simply try to speak with her a few times each day when visiting the shop and she will slowly open up to you and become more friendly. Eventually, she'll even start sewing you new patterns that you can use to customize furniture and DIY items.


The third Able sister is called Label. She will visit your island plaza every once in a while. When visiting, speak to her and she'll request to see a certain style or look. She'll give you a piece of clothing and ask you to fill out the rest of the outfit and show her. If you impress her, she'll reward you with some special high-end clothing items.

Thank you for using our Animal Crossing New Horizons Abel Sisters guide.

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