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Metroid Prime 4 Gets a Title and Gameplay Footage

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Metroid Prime 4 Beyond Logo

I was sitting at E3 2017 nearly seven years ago to the date when Metroid Prime 4 was first announced. The little logo teaser itself was enough to get a roar from the crowd. Now, seven years later, we have gameplay footage for the first time. There's not a whole lot to surmise from the shown footage except that it looks very much like a Metroid Prime game with beautiful HD visuals. Oh, and Sylux from Metroid Prime: Hunters on DS appears to be one of the primary antagonists.

Alongside some gameplay footage, we got a title (or subtitle): Metroid Prime 4: Beyond. No release date was revealed but we did get a release year: 2025. It was also confirmed that the game will still be coming to Nintendo Switch, even though Nintendo's next console is expected to release some time next year as well. Nothing has been confirmed of denied but it would not be surprising to see a game of this scale launch for both consoles. Check out the full gameplay trailer below.

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